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Things I Am Digging

Here are some things I am really digging around the internet

The 25 Japanese Creatives You Need to Know

The Complex blog always surprises me. Sometimes they cover the lamest topics but other times they come out with works of genius like this. If you ever had any interest in Japanese fashion, art, and culture, you’ll recognize some of these names. But, I bet you’ll also see new names and faces. They went through a lot of trouble to make this piece, even going as far as having sound clips to show you how these Japanese names are pronounced. The only failure is Complex loves to spread their articles into small pages. So it’s 100 separate pages to learn about 25 people.

A Winning Formula for Traditional Espresso

A former Italian barista champion, is now working with Illy to spread proper technique to American coffee shops. He lays out in easy to understand terms the correct way to make an espresso.

A Pasta Worth Waiting For

Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s writes about the newest darling of the pasta world. Rustichella’s Primo Grano, which comes in three shapes – Penne Lisce, Sagne a Pezzi,a nd Chitarra. I ordered all three plus a bunch of other pasta from Market Hall Foods recently. At upwards of 8 times the cost of the normal pasta I buy, this better be as good as they say.

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