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2 Responses to “Why Does Xbox Live Require a Credit Card on File?”

  • Oh yes, the scam of XBox and their credit card policy BS! Apparently it’s much easier for them to make money when 11 year-olds are in charge of whether or not to click “buy me” than actual credit card owners.
    I would have thought that a company with a reputation like “Microsoft” would be more trustworthy with my card. They much prefer when children are in charge of racking up the bills and will not remove cards from accounts on demand.
    Highly recommend against getting involved with the XBox system. I am not a player but apparently it’s garbage without the membership which then opens the door for you to be charged whatever whenever.

  • I too would like to be able to join and participate in xbox live without being FORCED to provide credit card info all so my 9 year old can play free games.

    Microsoft – dont push your legal issues off on your customers. I want to verify that you are a legitimate corporation so you need to provide me with your routing numbers, lockbox info and so on. I won’t charge you of course.

    Give me a break!

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