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Why “New Girl” May Be The Worst New Show On Television


Last week started out with a bang, with what amounted to about a dozen new shows plus the start of the Fall season for all our favorites.

One of the shows that really caught my eye was a comedy starring the adorkable (I stole that from my roommate who was quoting a writer) Zooey Deschanel called New Girl. Now, for those who have seen Zooey act in movies like (500) Days of Summer, it’s hard not to fall in love with her. She has this natural quirky style, yet exudes a suppressed cuteness, She’s All That style.

The new show is about a girl named Jess who moves in with three (or is it four?) guys, living in what can best be described as a bachelor pad. Jess is the quintessential dorky, nerdy, awkward girl. And therein lies the problem.

Rather than having Zooey Deschanel act like the way she is normally which is an adorable and dorky girl, they had her “act” like how they thought a stereotypical, over-the-top geek would act. Imagine they cast you, the reader, as a rocket scientist. You are likely not one so what you end up doing is a lot of snorting and pushing up on the bridge of your horn-rimmed glasses. I mean, after all, that’s what people expect a rocket scientist to be like, right?

I want Zooey to act like Zooey. She’s dorky enough in real life to pull it off. Instead, you get this character, Jess, that tries too hard to be awkward. Instead of being endearing, it’s extremely uncomfortable and unsexy.

The other problem with the show is that it’s clear after just two episodes that it’s going to be highly formulaic. Just like how House follows a clear pattern, so does New Girl. Each episode is about how Jess has some lame problem to deal with and turns it into a disaster. Then the guys, who have lives of their own, give up their day (or date), to rescue her and give her support. It’s an effective storyline because a guy who has better things to do yet giving up his time to help his hopeless female roommate is more dramatic than a regular nice guy doing the same.

I am just waiting for the episode where they remake her into a sexy girl in a tight-fitting red dress. We know it’s coming.

19 Responses to “Why “New Girl” May Be The Worst New Show On Television”

  • ur wrong. its a good show, wether she acts like a nerd or not, its called acting

  • What? No!! that’s so wrong, it’s a great show! It’s a GOOD thing Zooey doesn’t act like all of her other characters. Because Jess is a unique character. And yes, it’s called ACTING. And if you didn’t notice, Zooey herself also wrote and produces the show!!!

  • I cant agree more with this blog. It is the worst show I have seen in a long while – it even take the prize for least funny show from Ugly Betty, which I previously thought was an impossible task. Hopefully it will be axed very soon and the world will be rid of this monstrosity.

  • The acting on New Girl is absolutely awful. Every actor sounds like they’re reading their lines from a piece of paper for the first time. The jokes are cheesy and corny as heck. The whole show needs to pay the douchebag jar.

  • There are no words to describe how bad this show is.

  • I never thought about why its so bad, but it really really is. I can’t believe it hasn’t been cancelled yet. I keep giving it another chance, but its so damn stupid. WORST show on TV, and I watch a lot of TV.

  • no! seriously one of my favorite show. and excuse me but I “am” jess.almost exactly like her so by insulting the show you are insulting me!

  • I feel like anyone who likes this show has half a brain. It’s not funny. The characters are annoying and idiot frat boy types. I’ve tried watching it multiple times because it comes on after a show I like on Hulu, and every time I start to watch New Girl – my mouth hangs open out of shock how stupid it is – and sometimes I just stare emotionless at the screen because it does absolutely nothing for me. It is so so so bad. I don’t think I could ever be friends with someone who likes this stupid show.

    For example, how is this a joke? This is a “line” from the show. “If I want to see midgets eat I’d go to Korean town.” The dudes are total sexist creepers and Zoey is so annoying in how she tries so hard to be cute but it’s not actually cute because it’s obvious she is trying to look so cute which is annoying. Nothing redeeming about this show.

  • There are few shows I would deem “unwatchable” but New Girl fits this description for me. I’ve tried a few times but each time can’t get through more than five minutes. It’s almost hard to succinctly encapsulate its badness. Maybe that’s part of the appeal for people who like it. If I had to throw some adjectives out there: unfunny, vapid, forced, irritating…and unfunny come to mind.

  • I am so happy that other people dislike this show and for some reason I feel it is a responsibility of good people like us to tell every one they are just F*#+ing stupid if they like this disaster at any que. I feel like who ever is ultimately responsible for allowing this show to even make it to our living rooms should be horsewhipped slapped in the face with wooden dildos and then sprayed with birdshot from a high powered rifle.

  • I also find this show the most boring thing I’ve ever watched. I stare at the TV without any facial expression during the whole episode. The characters just are too childish… There’s this episode in which two of the dudes start slapping each other’s face in the line of a cashier in a supermarket. Ohh that was so childish and forced.

  • Thank good I’m not the only one who thinks that this show is amazingly terrible. You really have to be a bit retarded to think, that this is a good show.

  • Much like the equally awful “Broad City”, this show is trying to be quirky just for the sake of being quirky. Hence it’s appeal to people who try to be quirky…just for the sake of being quirky. There is no organic humor or charm, it is just forced awkwardness. There is a big difference between acting and posing….this show features the latter.

  • nailed it ! the character of jess is so unrealistic. I almost puke everytime she has screentime which is ALOT. I only watch it cause i dont have much to watch right now

  • This is the worst show ever.

  • I hate this show! I tried so many times to watch it… Still nothing and I hate when I see it on Fox Life.

  • I am going to tell you why I think New Girl is the best comedy. I have watched New Girl since the pilot and this season it has moved up to be one of my favorite TV shows on the air. The past couple of episodes have had me laughing all the way through. Why do I like it so much? The reasons I have come up with follow…

    Quality Control: It Keeps Getting Better

    When I first saw the pilot, I wasn’t too impressed. Zooey Deschanel plays her signature role as the quirky, cute girl but multiplied by a hundred. Jess moves in with the guys and many of the early episodes deal with one of her many quirks. Her character wasn’t quite three dimensional. Why was she so weird? However as time went on, her quirks subdued, the writers introduced several relatable conflicts, and the audience really got to know the characters. The episodes recently have been fresh and enjoyable with each new episode bringing new laughs and problems.


    Like several new shows (such as Parks and Rec), New Girl employs the technique of line-o-rama. This is where the writers give the actors variations of jokes with room to improvise. This allows the characters’ dialogue to seem more natural with greater comedic effect. The show doesn’t feel as forced as many of the other new comedies on air now, and it definitely has more laughs. If I had to choose one show to be a part of the writing staff, this would be the one.

    Jake Johnson/Nick

    Jake Johnson is a great performer on this show. His character, Nick, is also the most interesting character on the show. He’s a law school drop out who bartends. He’s grumpy and doesn’t take care of himself, yet is fiercely loyal to his friends. In the most recent episode, he breaks into one of Jess’s student’s house, convinced that the student wants to kill Jess. Disguised as “Julius Pepperwood,” he delivers one of the funniest lines of the night, “I’m from Chicago. Thin crust pizza? No thank you. I’m from Chicago.” Nick constantly finds himself in strange situations, such as dating a stripper for instance, and it’s in these moments where the writers shine, giving him some quality comedic lines.

    Max Greenfield/Schmidt

    Another great aspect of the show is Schmidt, played by Max Greenfield. With less depth than Nick, Schmidt plays the arrogant one in the group of friends. In the first season, the “douche jar” was a constant joke, where Schmidt would have to put money in the jar for anything the others considered to be “douche-y.” Schmidt is often inappropriate, usually making many race and sex jokes. One of my favorite episodes was when Schmidt felt Winston, his African American roommate, was surrounded by too many white friends. Schmidt feels Winston needs to “get back to his roots” and Winston tricks him into going out to buy crack, a past time he misses. Schmidt hesitantly agrees and hilarity ensues.

    Character Dynamic

    As you can see, the greatest thing going for New Girl is its characters. All of the characters interesting in their own way, but what really makes the show work is the dynamic between them. They are all very natural with each other, bouncing off each other for the greatest comedic effect. Also, all of the characters are fairly likable which is very important to me. There isn’t a character I wish would just go away or that brings nothing to the dynamic. Another staple of the show is the will-they-won’t-they pairing of Jess and Nick. There is an attraction between the two that adds a certain depth to the show and allows for several plot lines in the future. The show was cast very well so that there is a chemistry between them. Some say that this is the first show to come close to the dynamic on Friends.

    Every week I look forward to watching New Girl, ready for the moments where the shows moves me to a fit of ugly, genuine laughter. I look back on the past two seasons with fondness and look forward to what the show has in store for the future.

  • new girl is vapid drivel

    I was forced to watch/hear this drivel in the doctor’s waiting room. Two dimensional actors delivering lines in a fake way that aren’t the least bit funny, and are instead a celebration of the complete emptiness inside of someone’s vacuous ideas about societal norms, annoying and colorless personal interactions and “problems” of the least importance, dealing with nothing of substance and not even providing entertainment. ugh. Waste of my time, grating and crappy drivel.

  • When Nick and Jess argue, or sometime all the characters are arguing in one room, all I want to say just SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! So stupid and so annoying! If I will be like this when I turn 30, or have a friend like them, I will define myself as a loser.

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