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 Friday, June 10, 2005

Flavor of the Month
A quick break from your regularly scheduled program.

I love Rachel McAdams.

Here's the latest entry, in The Notebook:

posted by sygyzy at 6/10/2005 12:16:00 AM (8 comments)


 Thursday, June 09, 2005

I Know You Got Soul
Who knew Prakash would deliver that quickly? I still need to submit my moonwalking video. I already thought of the next challenge though. Are you ready for this?

Post a video of yourself doing the Thriller. You heard me right, from the music video. 30 seconds will do. And remember, entry is open to all.

Without further adieu, the first entry to the moonwalk contest (flair courtesy of yours truly).

posted by sygyzy at 6/09/2005 11:55:00 PM (0 comments)

Where have all the criminals gone?
I am half done with my current book, Freakonomics. I love Gladwell's writing from Blink so much that I sort of yearn for it while I am reading Levitt and Dubner's words. But not enough where it completely distracts me from enjoying it. Freakonomics answers questions such as "Why do drug dealers still at home with their mothers" and "What do schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common? It's an excellent book thus far. I might have pursued econ. further if I had thought about applying it in this matter. In case you are curious: because most make less than minimum wage selling drugs and both school teachers and sumo wrestlers cheat.

I got a nifty cool toy today. It's called a DiscHub and if you are like me, it's a God send. All around my desk I have naked/caseless discs. Currently I have 3 DVD-R's, and 2 CD-R's. Just random stuff I burned for people or myself and haven't filed away yet. Now I have a place to put it. They are held in offset slots with neoprene "grippers". The bottom has 4 "sticky" feet which don't leave a stain but does a good job keep it stuck to the surface. They come in a variety of colors and there is even a $2 off coupon which brings the price down to $10 a piece. Coupon: "DiscHub2". And yes, it applies to multiple quantities. I bought two for $20.

Tonight, after 5 grueling hours, I won $20 at poker. We split the pot after the time limit was hit. I am pretty proud of myself.

The Vo - It's everywhere!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The topic question: basically year after year everyone has been talking about crimewaves and children running rampant in the streets attacking everyone. Guess what? It never really happened. In fact, crime kept dropping and dropping. Why? In short - Roe v Wade, the legalization of abortion. Why would this have an effect on anything?

"As far as crime is concerned, it turns out that not all children are born equal. Not even close. Decades of studies have shown that a child born into an adverse family environment is far more likely than other children to become a criminal. And the millions of women most likely to have an abortion in the wake of Roe v. Wade - poor, unmarried, and teenage mothers for whom illegal abortions had been too expensive or too hard to get - were often models of adversity. They were the very women whose children, if born, would have been much more likely than average to become criminals. But because of Roe v. Wade, these children weren't born. This power powerful cause would have a drastic, distant effect: yearsd later, jusdt as these unborn children would have entered their criminal primes, the rate of crime began to plummet."

Believe it or not, I've never taken a side. Pro Choice or Pro Life? I've never thought about it in-depth, but this certainly sheds a new light on things. It approaches things the way only an economist could. It reminds me of when my sister's then boyfriend, now fiance, said that we should be against Prop 187 because the results of millions of illegal immigrants without health care or education benefits, would not be a pretty picture. Or when we learned how to actually calculate the value of a person's life in my business law class.

posted by sygyzy at 6/09/2005 01:17:00 AM (1 comment)


 Tuesday, June 07, 2005

? Apple: Just one straw remains on the camel?s back | Between the Lines |

Quote: "Controlling the hardware while letting others manufacture it isn�t as hard as it used to be: To consistently get that pristine first-rate experience that the Mac OS has so long been known for delivering, Apple has historically had to keep control over both the hardware and the software. This is understandable. History has proven that when you leave certain aspects of the hardware up to someone other than the operating system maker, the results can be anything but consistent. That was never good enough for Steve Jobs. But this is 2005 and software vendors have had pretty good luck controlling the hardware. Just ask Microsoft. Or, better put, look no further than Microsoft�s PocketPC, phone, and tablet operating systems. Each of these OSes place more requirements on hardware manufacturers than plain old Windows ever did. Microsoft literally took control of things like display size and resolution (on PocketPCs) and the buttons that invoked certain OS features (on PDAs, phones, and tablets). Within those markets, the result has been much less in the way of product differentiation from one product to the next. But, the participants in those markets have also seen enough wiggle room to go after the competition on both price, features, and functionality without running astray of Microsoft�s stringent specifications. It�s preposterous to think that some other hardware manufacturer couldn�t actually do something innovative with OS X beyond what Apple has already done. Docking stations for notebooks come to mind."

posted by sygyzy at 6/07/2005 11:13:53 AM (0 comments)

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!
Nothing like a cute drunk girl singing the theme song to one of my childhood favorites, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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 Monday, June 06, 2005

FizzleMan: what would you say are the 3 most important elements to getting hot bitches?
GiMpYiP: 1. got to be hot
GiMpYiP: 2. gotta be interesting
GiMpYiP: 3. have to be seductive
FizzleMan: i think I am going to work on numbers 1 and 3 right now
FizzleMan: by hitting the gym
GiMpYiP: do it
FizzleMan: you know what i mean?
FizzleMan: can you dig it?
GiMpYiP: i kno what you mean
FizzleMan: i said, can you dig it?
GiMpYiP: yes i can dig it
GiMpYiP: it's dugged
FizzleMan: peace out!
GiMpYiP: go work out
FizzleMan: ROAR!
GiMpYiP: laters
GiMpYiP: haha
GiMpYiP: you bear

posted by sygyzy at 6/06/2005 09:07:32 PM (0 comments)

I Wanna Be Like Mike
No, not Jordan. The other MJ. The King of Pop.

So, the last challenge went pretty well with Prakash and I both hitting up the gym on a more regular basis. I was watching the Usher - 8701 DVD today and after I finished, I couldn't help but google the Moonwalk. I distinctly remember Prakash telling me how much he likes dancing, having even battled some fools that decided to step at a club. [They got served].

So here's the new friendly challenge. Learn to moonwalk and record yourself doing it, and post it. I'll do the same.

Do you accept?

P.S. Be forewarned. Moonwalking is considered a "float" move and I can already levitate so I am a step ahead (behind?). [Clip is 2.4MB]

posted by sygyzy at 6/06/2005 02:06:00 AM (4 comments)


 Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dual Header
Today I mostly hung out around the house. I went to lunch at Via Maestro with Michelle. I had a really good time. She's fun to talk to. We both had sandwhiches and we got dessert to go. I got a big cannoli and she got chocolate gelato.

Later in the day, I did laundry. We watched Hostage. I thought it was a really good movie. She went to take a nap and never finished it. Then Dave Barcelona came over and after I got some dinner at Jack in the Box, we watched Constantine. I really liked it. What a great movie. Though, we both were not paying real close attention so we did not understand much of it. One reason we were distracted could possibly be due to his brand new 15" Apple Powerbook! My god that thing is beautiful! I want one.

On to other news ...

I went through about two dozen new fashion and culture sites today and here are some that stood out.

Gear Flip Alarm Clock - Check out this bad boy. It has an alarm clock and blue night light built in. I am definitely adding this to my must get list.

Mikro-Man Mars - Tell me this is not the most creative thing you've seen. The designer, Sam Buxton, makes these designs in flat, thin, pieces of metal. When you get it, you pop it open and fold it up and you get a little scene. It'd make a great gift.

NIKEid Blog Contest Winner Announced - I am not surprised, FatLace won. I voted multipled times for his design. Now I am hoping that I am lucky enough to win a 1 of 50 coupons to get myself a free pair.

Koyono - I know what you are thinking. Japanese clothing company right? Well, actually no. They are located in the good old USA. Cleaveland, OH. Very ironic since I don't think of Ohio as being on the cutting edge of design, which is exactly what Koyono is. They carry mostly products of their own invention, but also include some third party items such as the Branie Perfect Fit Belt. They carry only 4 configurations which makes it possible to offer it at a reduced price. Earlier in the day, I went to the Branie site and configured a "custom" belt and it ended up costing $90 shipped to the US. On Koyono, I can get the same belt for $55.00. The belt is pretty ingenious, it uses a racheting system (sort of like zipties) to get you a precision fit (increments of 2mm).

The next item worth mentioning is their Slimmy wallet. Though, I am very particular about my wallet [it must have a change pocket], I can see times where simple is the way to go. If I am going to a club, for instance, I don't think it's really necessary to have my AAA, Costco, and REI cards. Just cash, ID, and maybe one credit card will do. The Slimmy is perfect for that job.

I saved the best for last. Their BlackCoat shirts have a dual compartment net built into the middle fo the shirt. In the center there is a zipper that allows access to both. What would you carry in such a compartment? Well anything from your cell phone to your iPod. Pretty smart idea. What's even smarter is they charge about $5 per shirt if you want a red zipper. I am a sucker for the black plus red combination. It's irresistable. As if a red zipper actually cost them $5 more. I've held off on ordering until they have full stock, that'll be in 2-4 weeks.

Nooka Watches - Don't you mean Seiko Nooka, David? Nope! The designer, Matthew Waldman, originaly teamed up with Seiko to manufacture and distribute the Nooka. The relationship did not please Waldman at all so he's been looking for a way to produce his watches independently and he's done so now. He even added a new watch to the line so you can hop on over and either buy the Zot or Zoo. It's an interest approach to telling time and after you look at the images for a few seconds, you'll see how intuitive it is.

Josh Spear He won third place in the NIKEid Design Contest. Not too shabby. I've always known about him as he gets mentioned somewhat regularly on Cool Hunting. But it wasn't til today that I started checking out his site. He has some really cool information. In fact most of today's news comes from him. Thanks Josh!

posted by sygyzy at 6/05/2005 01:50:00 AM (0 comments)