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Things I Am Digging

Here are some things I am really digging around the internet

The 25 Japanese Creatives You Need to Know

The Complex blog always surprises me. Sometimes they cover the lamest topics but other times they come out with works of genius like this. If you ever had any interest in Japanese fashion, art, and culture, you’ll recognize some of these names. But, I bet you’ll also see new names and faces. They went through a lot of trouble to make this piece, even going as far as having sound clips to show you how these Japanese names are pronounced. The only failure is Complex loves to spread their articles into small pages. So it’s 100 separate pages to learn about 25 people.

A Winning Formula for Traditional Espresso

A former Italian barista champion, is now working with Illy to spread proper technique to American coffee shops. He lays out in easy to understand terms the correct way to make an espresso.

A Pasta Worth Waiting For

Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s writes about the newest darling of the pasta world. Rustichella’s Primo Grano, which comes in three shapes – Penne Lisce, Sagne a Pezzi,a nd Chitarra. I ordered all three plus a bunch of other pasta from Market Hall Foods recently. At upwards of 8 times the cost of the normal pasta I buy, this better be as good as they say.

Netflix Corporate Culture

I was told last week that one of my favorite companies, Zappos, was bought by another one of my favorite companies, Amazon. Talk about a match made in heaven. The reason I am so fond of Zappos is they have an incredible corporate culture. Many of the employees, including the CEO Tony, twitter. I’ve had exchanges with him. Talk about accessible! They also produce a book each year that serves as a guide so new employees can learn about the “WOW!” factor that makes Zappos customers coming back. 

Like Zappos, Netflix also posted their culture presentation online. I’ve been reading through it and it sounds very well put together, if not a little bit “meaner” than Zappos. It makes me wonder, what is my company’s corporate culture? What are our core values and do they have the interests of the employees and customers in mind?

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Hello Mr. President

We spent the entire day around the mall checking out the museums and monuments. We even caught part of the Duke Ellington jazz festival which just happened to be on the Washington Monument lawn. Damn! We ate at Cafe Atlantico for lunch and had pizza at Pizza Paradisio for dinner. I got some imitation Pinkberry for dessert. It was OK but the west has it on lock.

Most Racist City?

Admittedly this is a very hard question to answer and some suggest that even posing it encourages stereotypes.  Sudhir Venkatesh (of Freakonomics fame), presents this question to the readers of the New York Times and after about three dozen responses, a noticeable trend is emerging. Here are ones with notable mention(in no particular order):

Boston, MA

Milwaukee, WI

Chicago, IL

Washington, DC

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The Usual

I know some (one?) of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to. Here’s a quick photo tour of my life recently.

Last week I went to Los Angeles for the 99th Annual Rotary International Convention.  While we were there, we donated over 300 books and helped break a Guinness record.

This was the second time in as many weeks that I was in LA and on both trips, I ate at Father’s Office (2) in Culver City. Yummy!

My company had our summer party last Friday. This time it was held at Elings Park instead of the Zoo. The theme was Cirque du Solstice and they pulled out all the stops!

The mercury averaged around 90 degrees this weekend in Santa Barbara. The only way to stay cool was to stay outside and moving. That’s exactly what I did by attending the Solstice parade.