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Jay-Z Q&A With Charlie Rose

After the interview at the Brookyln Museum, Hov stayed for a candid Q&A with his fans.

Lupe Fiasco–The Show Goes On

From his forthcoming album Lasers dropping March 8th. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Lupe’s saving hip-hop.

Nike Free Run DJ’s

Check out this amazing video of Japanese DJ’s using Nike shoes, fitted with flex sensors, to create some amazing beats.

DNA of the Blueprint (Mixtape)

DJ Neil Armstrong, Jay-Z’s long time collaborator and accompanying DJ on his worldwide tours just dropped a gem on his site today. The mixtape "DNA of the Blueprint" is a retrospective of Jay-Z’s illustrious career, focusing primarily on the Blueprint trilogy, which most would agree houses his best work.

The CD length work is a masterpiece of mixing and mastering and pulls, obviously from the Blueprint albums with a heavy emphasis on Blueprint 3, but also from his other works, as well as those from other hip-hop artists and even R&B tracks. Neil Armstrong also intersperses audio from interviews Jay-Z has done over the years which brings a real human side to the mixtape. The project serves to purposes – to walk the listener through Jay-Z’s 10+ year reign on the hip-hop throne but also as a "senior project" for DJ Neil Armstrong himself, demonstrating his skills as a turntablist.

If you are having trouble downloading it from Armstrong’s site, check try this link.

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The Book of Eli, Product Placement, and Aziz Ansari

What do these two things have in common? Absolutely nothing, except for the fact that they are the two coolest things I am hooked on right now. In fact, I was going to title this post “The Coolest Shit This Week.” Let’s start off with my man Denzel and of course Mila Kunis, who I am seeing in a totally different light as of late.

The Book of Eli does a great job by not giving away any spoilers in the trailer. All you know is it’s a post-apocalyptic world and Denzel is hell bent on protecting a book and Gary Oldman really wants it. What the heck is in that book that’s so important? Magic perhaps? Some people say this movie is a rip off of The Road. Well let me tell you something – I saw The Road and this absolutely destroys it. The twist is epic and it’s one of those things that after it’s revealed, your mind does a Matrix timeline reversal and you get a series of “OH SNAP, that’s what that was!” moments, in rapid succession. I am still discovering them now, days later!  One thing that really stuck with me is the product placement. They had the first third generation iPod in there (the one with the four buttons above the wheel). Mila was rocking some tight Ray-Ban Aviators and Denzel had Oakleys on that I need to have. But the craziest product of all was Denzel (Eli) was rocking out with Dr. Dre Beats earbuds.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have mixed feelings about all these “premium” headphones and earbuds coming out. On one hand, I am glad these ghetto ass kids that don’t know the difference between and MP3 and FLAC are getting better earphones than the cheap ones that come with iPods. But on the other hand, I feel like they are getting tricked. I really really liked the earbuds Eli had because they have this neat flat cable that almost looks like it’s made out of nylon or fabric. Talk about no tangle! So I looked them up and they are $180 and made by Monster. Are you kidding me? $180? If you want to spend that much money, do yourself a favor and look at the real powerhouses in IEM’s – Shure, Etymotics, Ultimate Ears, etc.

Last night, my DirecTV HD-DVR really screwed me big time but messing up a full fifty percent of my Aziz Ansari Comedy Central broadcast. If I miss a line in a movie or a TV show, so be it. I can usually figure it out in context. But you miss a line in a standup and you missed the whole thing! Punchline. Get it? Anyway, I went online this morning and bought the MP3 album from Amazon (DRM free, $3.99 – you suck, Apple). I am laughing my butt off. For kicks, I decided to check on Spotify and what do you know? They already have it. i cannot believe it. Anyway, this guy is hilarious and even though their styles are different so it’s not a fair comparison, he’s destroying Russell Peters in my book. At least right now.

So please, after the Avatar hype wears off, please check out “The Book of Eli” and “Aziz Ansari – Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening”