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Why Customer Service Matters More Than Ever

Let me out

I recently had two opposite experiences that illustrate how important customer service is, especially in this day and age.  Even though it happened more recently, I want to start with Gilt Taste first.

Gilt Taste

I should preface the story with: I recently moved and while I made a list of all the sites and services I needed to update, I clearly was not able to remember or get to them all. A few weeks ago I was doing some Christmas shopping. I found what I wanted on Gilt Taste and felt comfortable ordering from them because of my positive experiences on  I realized a few days after placing the order that it was being shipped to my old apartment. This was my fault because I had my (old) home address stored in Gilt and as a convenience feature, they offer a fairly quick checkout so there aren’t many layers of checks to slow you down. You can see how this can be a pro as well as a con (you don’t have a chance to catch mistake). Excuses aside, this was totally my fault. I saw that the item would not arrive for at least 5 days, giving plenty of time to correct it.

I emailed them to make the correction and about a day later, I received a response from a customer service rep that said they are not able to help because items are shipped from a supplier and they have no control over it. Also, she added, since the correct address was so close maybe I could figure out a way to pick it up or something.

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With all the hoorah and branding overload these days, I am really digging this nice contrast. Antrepo, a consultancy, has produced mockups taking popular products and cleaning them up. What do you think?

| Via Antrepo |

Things I Am Digging

Here are some things I am really digging around the internet

The 25 Japanese Creatives You Need to Know

The Complex blog always surprises me. Sometimes they cover the lamest topics but other times they come out with works of genius like this. If you ever had any interest in Japanese fashion, art, and culture, you’ll recognize some of these names. But, I bet you’ll also see new names and faces. They went through a lot of trouble to make this piece, even going as far as having sound clips to show you how these Japanese names are pronounced. The only failure is Complex loves to spread their articles into small pages. So it’s 100 separate pages to learn about 25 people.

A Winning Formula for Traditional Espresso

A former Italian barista champion, is now working with Illy to spread proper technique to American coffee shops. He lays out in easy to understand terms the correct way to make an espresso.

A Pasta Worth Waiting For

Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s writes about the newest darling of the pasta world. Rustichella’s Primo Grano, which comes in three shapes – Penne Lisce, Sagne a Pezzi,a nd Chitarra. I ordered all three plus a bunch of other pasta from Market Hall Foods recently. At upwards of 8 times the cost of the normal pasta I buy, this better be as good as they say.

3M Command

This past weekend I was at Costco and saw them hawking the 3M Command line. They were selling a big variety pack. I only paused for a second, not really taking much interest in the product. Later, I started seeing Command commercials on TV then I took a look at the website this morning. This is some really neat stuff from 3M. The Command system is basically a set of hooks that stick to anything (metal, wood, paint, glass), can hold a good load (5 lbs according to demos) and can be removed without leaving a residue (perfect for apartments). They are reasonably priced and right now 3M has two $1 off coupons on their website for you to use, making them even cheaper. My only complaint? There are too many products in the line. It’s difficult to get a grasp of it all. I think I’ll be going back to Costco soon to pick up the pack and use that as a crash course on what Command can do.

New Toys

Oh boy, there have been many cool additions to my kitchen lately. Check them out!

Dyson DC07 All Floors – Ok, not a kitchen item but I’ve always wanted a Dyson and this factory refurbished model fit the bill.

Drew took her KitchenAid so I had to get another one. Look at the finish on this baby. It’s like rock hard anodizing (not really) and nicely textured.

Sausage Maker 5 Tray stainless steel dehydrator. What do you need a dehydrator for, you ask? You’ll see.

My roommates took their pots and pans when they moved. No matter. I just picked up this bad ass Calphalon One nonstick 10” pan. They sometimes call it an omelette pan which is a dumb move on their part because I almost did not buy it.

Sorry the blog has been slow. I just wanted to share some new stuff I got. I have loads of restaurant reviews from my DC trip I haven’t done yet. I don’t even remember if I did the San Francisco coverage yet either. Then I have stuff with Rotaract and Goleta Teen of the Year.